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My name is Noah Johnson, I'm the developer of Disco-O and this is my first time releasing a game on any platform. Please consider giving Disc-O a try for free, I'm very interested in any feedback users can provide. 

Disc-O started as a project created for my school's hackathon last spring. After a year of on-and-off development work, I've added an options screen that supports multiple maps, controller options, and player customization. As part of my capstone for this semester and my college experience as a whole, I'm focusing on developing games with an Artificial Intelligence component. Disc-O now features an AI player to practice against and help learn better strategies to play the game or just have fun on your own. 

I would like to provide updates to the game in the future, providing any necessary quality of life improvements or bug fixes. Due to the nature of the project I ask that you try to be understanding of any bugs or rough edges you notice and please mention them in the comments. 

Some known issues to be aware of: 

Physics - Unity's physics engine does not jive well with the method of moving the discs I used. I wanted to ensure the discs would always move at a constant minimum speed at the very least. This causes some problematic collisions, discs bouncing the wrong way, or in rare cases, clipping through the walls. This is more likely to happen in the two alternative maps where corners are present. Fixing this will take considerable time as I'd need to rethink and overhaul much of the code and underlying design.

Stats - Players can customize their character's color and stats in the options screen under the stats tab. I originally intended this to be a balanced trade-off between the discs' curve and speed, however the nature of the game largely favors speed over any other parameter. I would like to change this to three separate sliders for throw speed, throw curve, and movement speed respectively. This will also take some time as I'd need to redesign the UI for that screen and move the color selector.

Color - The yellow color makes the disc's displayed score invisible because they are both yellow. You could consider this an added level of difficulty or nuance, but I should come up with some means of addressing this, either removing yellow or changing the display color when yellow is selected. 

I appreciate your patience with any of the game's issues and hope that people enjoy playing it. Once again, feedback is encouraged. Special thanks to my friend Isaac Hraga for providing the game's adaptive soundtrack. 


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Feb 11, 2018

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